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The Brazilian genera
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The Brazilian cacti  

To know to protect!

Landscape The Paradise - assembly by computer showing great part of the cacti species signed by P. J. Braun & Eddie Esteves Pereira 

In 1973 we began our studies with the Brazilian cacti and, today we moved forward firmly in the identification of the species of the Brazilian Plateau, exactly with the purpose of the preservation, because with the fast devastation of the nature in Brazil, mainly in our main areas of studies, the Cerrado and the Caatinga, the species run great extinction danger. We worked in partnership with Dr. Pierre J. Braun and, same having already concluded great part of our objectives still have research material for other 30 years of work.


The first species "estevesii" published in December of 1975.

Siccobaccatus estevesii (Buin. & Bred.) Braun & Esteves


The last and sensational publication of the twentieth century

Pierrebraunia brauniorum Esteves, from the high mountains of Minas Gerais


In the sequence, the friends of the nature, in matter to those that like cacti of Brazil, have the opportunity to know details of our work with the cacti, in prominence, the genera that inhabit the regions of the Plateau, in the areas of the Cerrado and of the Caatinga. Initially, we focused the genera with which we are directly involved and, in the future, we intended to talk about all the genera that happen in Brazil.

We are going ahead!

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