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The Brazilian plataeu  
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The Plateau yesterday and today

Several European naturalists visited the Brazilian highland, mainly in the century XIX, and they could meet the plants, animals and the habits of the region. The most important naturalists that traveled through the provinces of Goyaz (Goiás), Tocantins, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso among 1816 to 1897, they were: Pohl, Martius, Saint-Hilaire, Burchell, Lund, Riedel, Gardner, Weddell, Ule and Glaziou. Today the scenery is very different, but the nature still keeps, a fascinating diversity. During the last 30 years traveling through the area, traveling the roads  traveled by those researchers, we looked for to review the nature of the area and, in the themes Cerrado, Caatinga and Nature, we showed a little of what saw.

The diversity can still be seen along the roads of the plateau

Pedra da tartaruga - sandstone formation in the area of Paraúna - Goiás

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